A downloadable Jungle for Windows

you have to survive in a building located in a jungle

building is occupied by some dangerous flesh eating zombies

you have to find your way out and catch a helicopter to run away for your life

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and play JungleAdventure.exe file


Jungle Adventure Win.zip 82 MB


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This was a little basic and it takes FOREVER for the Zombies to actually kill you but the jump scares definitely got me, as cheap as they were ;-)

I like the atmosphere, the visual style, the ai of the zombies.  It's a simple game, fairly short.  I still don't know exactly why the code is what it is.  That puzzle is over my head.  And I am still annoyed that I could not look up beyond the horizontal plane.  Otherwise the game is pretty good for a short little experience.  I could see these zombies being used in a larger scale.  

This is the last game in the video


Played Your game in an indie romp Your game starts at 6:30, I hope you enjoy

also "pen pineapple apple pen"

Final game in my 3RHG :)

Where is the "JUNGLE"?!! hahaha


This game was okay, it wasn't very scary and the zombies touched me, but it didn't do anything to me. I always appreciate work put into a game though! It is the first game in the vid:

Gave it a try along with a few other games, it's... playable I guess?

Первый раз страшно,второй так мило

Here's my review 

Here's my play-through

cool game!


Them jumpscares got me good! Fun fun!


Buen susto, buen juego


i dont wanna say world record.. buuuuuttttt.

world record


The end was worth it. Here's my gameplay:



Not really the scariest game out there but I had fun messing around in it ! Keep it up!


It was a good game funny and scary at times Gameplay at 9.56


It's ok. Could use a lot more stuff around as oppose to empty rooms. 


Fun lil game. I made you a video : 




As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!


Good game dev the game is good but it could be better with more atmosphere and sound effect's but i actually had fun playing it i hope you enjoy my gameplay 


decent game, but honestly nothing special. I hope that in the future you will make better game. i can see that you have the talent :)

here is my video btw


Thanks for your feedback :) Enjoyed your video. Stay tuned for more games.


Full Gameplay | Ending.

Really Nice Game Dev Thanks :) I made a Video may be share it.


Thanks for your feedback :)